Our mission is to develop, produce and sell both conventional and alternative fuel buses manufactured to the highest environmental standards for use in public transportation while maximizing the opportunities for cooperation between Cluster members.


The History of the Hungarian Bus Manufacturers’ Cluster

The idea to strengthen cooperation amongst Hungarian-based businesses participating in the domestic bus industry in order to facilitate recovery from the financial crisis in an organized manner was formulated in the summer of 2009. The main objective of the programme is to provide input for the development of the Hungarian automotive industry so that domestic bus transportation companies’ rehabilitation needs are satisfied by buses manufactured in Hungary.

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Our goals are strengthening the Hungarian bus manufacturing and related supply industries as well as enhancing and improving their job retention potential within the context of the Government’s priorities and action plan set for the automotive industry. These goals are focused on reinvigorating the knowledge base that still exists in Hungary for bus manufacturing, promoting cooperation amongst active bus manufacturers and their suppliers, creating the highest possible added value in Hungary and strengthening these businesses.

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